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Buyer's Process

When we first meet our goal is to sit down and really understand what your needs are---what's motivating you to buy? What's your price range you are considering? What's your timeframe? What's your must have's and your non-negotiables etc... After defining your goals, we want to partner up with a lender that is going to suit your needs. We definitely encourage working with somebody that is local. Once we obtain a pre-approval letter from the lender the fun part really starts with shopping for a home to buy. We will look online and research neighborhoods of interest to find potential homes that might suite your needs. We will make sure you understand all the cost in a contract as well as the cost associated potentially associated when closing on your home e.g., closing cost and down payment (if applicable).  

This step really involves going out and looking at potential homes on the market. This might include popping by open houses, or looking at off-market properties through upcoming homes on the market. Once we have identified the home that you want to write an offer on, we sit down and figure out what terms and price you are willing to offer. If we are up against multiple offers we encourage highest and best so that there are no regrets whatever the outcome is.  Once our offer is accepted, we walkthrough the steps that will take place in contract. 

Once we get our offer accepted, we move towards opening escrow with the title company and we include all professional parties involved e.g., listing agent, transaction coordinators and lender. Per you the terms in your purchase agreement, you will need to wire or drop off a cashier's check to the title company for your good faith deposit. The lender will work towards ordering the appraisal while any and all inspections are ordered and completed on the property. We also will be reviewing title reports and all of the seller's disclosures of the property to understand the property in its entirety.  After reviewing the inspections and all disclosures, we will have an opportunity (if needed) to request from the seller items to be repaired prior to closing on your purchase. This is all negotiable, and the seller can agree or disagree to the request.  Our goal in this step is to meet contractual deadlines and contingencies periods in the contract to stay on track. Prior to closing we will do one last final walkthrough of the property to ensure it's present condition and confirm if repairs agreed upon were completed. 

It's really the final countdown for you receiving keys to your new home. We will review the closing statement provided to the title company to make sure all numbers are correct as agreed upon in the contract. The lender will send over the loan docs (if applicable) to the title company. After loan docs, have been received the title company will set up a mobile notary or an in-person signing for both parties. You will wire down payment if needed. Once receipt of your down payment, the title company and the loan has funded, the title company will set up the file to record with the county. Once we go on record with county--the house is yours! Congrats. 

We are always here for you no matter if you just closed last week or three years ago. We are connected to lots of great professional resources that we are happy to share if you need help around your home. We also are here to help you down the road if you decide to upsize or downsize or maybe invest. We always appreciate your reviews on your experience and love helping any friends or families looking to buy. 

Thanks for choosing the Barrett Team as your realtors. 

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